Artist signed vintage glamour postcard by M. Cherubini – 1910s

I found this spectacular vintage glamour postcard on a market stall in Rome recently. What struck me first was the exceptionally fine quality of this chromolithographic print. The illustration has been printed on heavy weight watercolour paper and at first glance really looks like the entire image has been hand painted.

This postally uncirculated postcard, with no publisher information, and only “Made in Italy” printed in the stamp box, with the code number 750-3 on the reverse, is a little tricky to date accurately. The back is divided, which puts the card after 1906 when divided backs were first introduced in Italy, whilst the artist who signed the card - M.Cherubini - appears to have been extremely prolific in the 1910s, so I'm guessing this card is from that decade. She rather reminds me of the character Lady Edith Crawley from the TV show Downton Abbey!

Over the years I've seen a huge number of artist signed postcard designs by M.Cherubini, usually featuring portraits of fashionable young women in Art Deco style, with the occasional tamely erotic image, but have been unable to discover anything at all about this Italian graphic artist. If anyone has any biographical information about “M.Cherubini” please feel free to leave a message in the comments below! And check out eBay for more examples!

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Grace Bailhache said…
Hello Deborah,

Thank you for dropping by my place. So you were in Rome recently, that wonderful. I miss Rome so much. I planned to go there for june 21 but unfortunately it's not gonna be possible anymore.

Well, I'm curious about this Cherubini, I never heard of him, this name is unforgettable when you like angels as I do.

Yes I can understand your feelings about this "art work". I really the quality of details, artists had at that time. It's seems to me that it's not always the case today, but maybe I'm just a little old fashion. Smiles !

Thanks for the discover and congratulations for your blog design.

Take care dear and hope to see you next week !

Beth Niquette said…
Well, hello, Deborah!!!

It is so great to see you back--and yes, you are right--I adore this postcard. The sheer beauty and quality of this piece just fills my eyes. Thank you so much for posting!

Have a lovely evening, and Happy postcard Friendship Friday!