Joyeux Noël – French Christmas Greetings Postcard from 1924

The prolific Paris-based company Lèo of Pradot was famous throughout the 1920s for its series of erotic images, which look rather innocent today, as well as hand-tinted real photograph postcards with the garish colours that seem to have been so popular at the time. Lèo postcards are still easy to find today and I couldn't resist this lovely example when I found it on a Rome market stall recently. Vintage postcards are a great documentary source of historical fashions and styles of dress and this is a simply wonderful example of a fashionably dressed women in the mid 1920s. With her short hair under a cloche hat, the lavish use of lipstick, and her drop waist wrap coat fastened with a large bow, she must have been quite the Flapper!

What seems unusual nowadays, perhaps, is that these vintage postcards featuring beautiful women were simply adapted to the festive season by the addition of a glittery Joyeux Noël overlaid over the original postcard. It was posted from Lier, Belgium on 24 December 1924.

Merry Christmas!

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Snap said…
Wonderful combination of fashion and celebration! Happy PFF!
Maria said…
I always love looking at vintage fashion postcards :) Thanks for sharing this one!

Happy PFF! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year for you and your family!
It's interesting how tastes change and that colours now are more subtle. I'm sure they would would have thought our colours are dull.
Julie Goucher said…
Great postcard. I love the bow!
Beth Niquette said…
I love this postcard--the lady is lovely, and perfect for today's Postcard Friendship Friday!

Thank you so much for sharing.
VioletSky said…
I thought she had an odd combination of colours - for Christmas or any time!