Vintage Russian Easter Card – 1911

I bought this lovely embossed Russian Easter postcard on a market stall in Rome some months ago and have been patiently waiting for Easter to come by again in order to share it here on the blog. I was attracted to the delicate hand finishing on the embossed catkins and pink background wash, but wasn't immediately aware that it was an Easter card. Luckily the woman who ran the stall was actually Russian and immediately translated the words "Христос воскрес!" as meaning “Christ is Risen!

Catkins, of course, are a traditional Easter decoration being the very first signs of new plant life after the winter; as any allergy sufferer will confirm, catkins herald the coming of spring! According to Wikipedia, Russian Orthodox and various other Eastern European peoples also carry pussy willows on Palm Sunday instead of palm branches, blessing both palms and pussy willows in church.

If you'd like to read more about Russian Easter cards there's a wonderful resource here: Russian Easter Postcards.

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Irene said…
I think your find may be extremely rare. It's lovely and I can imagine your anxiety of awaiting his post, often happens to me. My source for vintage cards has dried up and I'm beside myself. Not to worry though, I shall keep hunting.
Heather said…
Lovely card. I have seen pussy willows for easter, but didn't know why. Thanks.
Snap said…
I can certainly waiting to post this lovely card! Hurry up Easter!!!! It is a beauty ... a really fine find! Happy PFF!