Vieni, piccina – 1932

Beth over at the Best Hearts are Crunchy has been posting some gorgeous Valentine's Day cards for a few weeks now – with February 14th only ten days away, I was inspired to dig out a vintage romantic postcard from my own collection to share on Postcard Friendship Friday today.

Carrying two postal cancellations - a Florence Railway (Firenze Ferrovia) postmark dated 5 January 1932 and another for its destination Venice (Venezia) on the following day – the stamp is an absolute classic example of the secret language of stamp positions. The 30 cent postage stamp featuring a frontal portrait of Vittorio Emanuele III is shown with the monarch's head a full 90 degrees to the right – a clear message of some sort, but which I've read can mean a variety of romantic things: “love and kisses”; “do you love me?”; “thinking of you”; and on an Italian language website “t'adoro”!

Issued by the Turin-based publisher Fotocelere (1910-1942), it is a gorgeous example of their hand-coloured real photo postcards – I just love the addition of those crimson details on the collar and sleeves!

The Italian verse translates more or less as follows:
Vieni, piccina dallo sguardo arcano,
Che di verbene e rose è la gran via,
Dove noi passerem, stretti per mano.

Come, little one with the mysterious gaze,
Along the avenue of verbenas and roses,
Where we will walk together hand in hand.
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Beth Niquette said…
I adore this postcard--I LOVE the translation of that poem. What a lovely bit of poetry.

I think it speaks to the mystery in each of us.

Thank you for posting this fabulous postcard! Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy PFF!
Beth Niquette said…
I wanted to add--after reading your comment--that we have had one sifting of snow this winter. It's been that way the past nine winters--barely enough snow to cover the ground.

How fun that you are having that coveted snow just now! Do send some my way!
Irene said…
Lovely card and wonderful words, and I love the two postmarks. Happy PFF
Snap said…
I love the old *real colored* or hand colored postcards. This is a lovely card. Two postmarks!! Lovely poem. Happy PFF!
Heather said…
I had no idea that the angle of the stamp would convey a message. Wow. Flowers, gems and now stamps. Cool. Thanks for sharing this tidbit.
I love digging out my special holiday postcards. I only have 3 valentine cards so I posted all 3. Happy weekend! Lisa