Fröhliche Ostern – Happy Easter – 1910

Easter falls very late this year at the end of April, although the advertising campaigns for Easter eggs have been in full tilt for a while now, reminding me of this gorgeous Easter postcard that I found on a second hand market stall some time ago and had stashed away. Posted from Löbau, a city in the east of Saxony, Germany, just over 101 years ago on 26 March, 1910, it is a very fine example of chromolithography with tight registration – there is barely a trace of the mismatched edges so common to lithographic prints using a rich palette, although the girl's hand on the left does charmingly break through the frame. The colours are still clean and bright and the postcard is also very delicately embossed with the Easter greeting in red slightly raised.

During the Golden Age of the Postcard in the early years of the last century, of course, Saxony was at the very heart of postcard production with many international firms relying on the high quality printing methods in the area, until the outbreak of the First World War stopped the industry in its tracks. Sadly, there's no information about the publisher of this card with only “Printed in Germany” visible to the right of the 5 pfennigs Germania postage stamp of the German Empire, carrying the "Deutsches Reich" inscription.

The reverse of the card is also very beautiful, albeit unintelligible...if anybody can decipher the handwriting feel free to leave a message below! 

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I've somehow managed to skip Postcard Friendship Friday for a few weeks so this time round I'm posting early to be on the safe side!

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Aimee said…
Very pretty card! Makes me want to hunt Easter eggs!
dakotaboo said…
Great light-hearted easter postcard. Most of the ones I fimd are more sombre.
Those are veru cute easter postcard.I like it!

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday
Postcardy said…
That's a very cute card of an Easter egg hunt. I like Easter postcards with children too.
I certainly can't help you with that writing! But the card is beautiful, message or no message.
Snap said…
thanks so much for the information. I love this card with the little girls hiding eggs. Fun! happy PFF!
Heather said…
Those girls are adorable. I imagine mother was just outside the picture and she was standing there with a woven basket to collect the eggs.
MrCachet said…
Wonderful card and a prime example of the fine art of lithography.
Sreisaat said…
Beautiful postcard - and now I'm learning more and more about different art/styles used in postcard production!

Enjoy your weekend.

Postcards Crossing
Cheerful said…
beautiful postcard and thanks for sharing those information, great post! -Postcrossing Mom
Voorster said…
The Easter Card reads:

Dear Mrs Frost!

I wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday!
I'm sorry to hear that you aren't doing well, hopefully the sun will soon lighten everyone's spirits. Lottchen has the measles, but she is still moving around a lot. We'll enjoy a nice wedding for sure on Friday.
I have to find out about the stones right away and will
write to you immediately.

Sincerely, Your Franziska Elsasser


Hermine Frost
C. Berlin. Ringstrasse 49
LiT Web Studio said…
thank you SO much for the translation!