Cheers! - 1905

This absolutely gorgeous undivided back postcard, printed using the chromolithographic method was published by Meissner & Buch and posted in 1905. When I spotted this vintage postcard I was obviously disappointed to see that two of the corners had been cut (presumably as a result of having been hastily removed from hinges in an album), but the image was such a fine example that I bought it anyway!

Based in Leipzig, Germany, Meissner & Buch (1876 through to 1914) were known for their fine quality postcards featuring pretty women and children, with and without greetings, and this design is typical of their output, although the image of the girl in a bonnet raising a glass reminds me somewhat of a vintage soft drinks advertising campaign.

The reverse of the card carries no copyright information – instead, it's printed along the front left hand edge of the card. The inscription reads:

Meissner & Buch, Leipzig. Künstler-Postkarten Serie 1232 “Auf Dein Wohl” Gesetzl, geschützt
which roughly translated means:
Meissner & Leipzig. Artists Postcards Series 1232 "To your Health". Copyrighted design

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Postcard Friendship Friday


dakotaboo said…
Lovely vintage postcard. Happy PFF.
Christine H. said…
Even with the missing corners it's delightful and beautiful.
Paul van Yperen said…
A sweet litho postcard and a detailed, very nice post. The corners and the piece of tape give the postcard that extra vintage touch. Happy PFF.
Beautiful card, very pretty, but I don't think that's a soft drink she has in her glass!
Postcardy said…
Looks like she is celebrating PFF!
Life Goes On said…
What a pretty card and young lady. Could be framed and set on a shelf and the corners are covered. Thanks for sharing
Aimee Dars said…
What a nice illustration! It is so upsetting when PCs are damaged - I hate glue or album covers especially - but at least we know they've been well loved!
Beth Niquette said…
I absolutely love this postcard--missing corners and all. Just beautiful!

Happy PFF!
Lyneen said…
Beautiful card... I buy them all the time with torn corners. just can't help myself if I really like the image. Thanks for Sharing... Happy PFF
Snap said…
Delightful card! She brings a smile to my face. Happy PFF!