Reading a letter - 1924

I've mentioned before on this blog how irresistible I find French postcards from the 1920s. Published by Paris printers P-C, this is yet another wonderful example of the hand-tinted real photograph vintage postcards with the extraordinary garish colours that were evidently enormously popular at the time. I just love the detailed decoration on the desk lamp - I'm pretty sure that IKEA produced a retro-looking lampshade some years back which was rather similar!

Whilst this postcard may be uncirculated, luckily for us there is a dated message on the reverse - 16th June, 1924. The card is in immaculate condition bar a little metallic tarnishing around the edges indicating that this probably a silver bromide print.

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dakotaboo said…
I've never seen a postcard with such vibrant tinting on before. It almost makes the person look like they have clown make-up on. Thanks for sharing.
Clarisse Teagen said…
I like this postcard. It's interesting! Maybe it's just me, but he looks like he's from the corpse bride. bEautiful postcard though.