One Lovely Blog Award

Happy New Year! I was thrilled to discover that the Vintage Postcard Gallery has kicked off 2010 with a huge honour - the One Lovely Blog Award. Massive thanks go to Christine at The Daily Postcard for naming the gallery. Christine has set herself a challenging mission - to try to post a postcard every day! Her blog is full of vintage gems and is a highly recommended read!

As a recipient of this award, the only requirement is that the award logo is pasted on your own blog together with a link to the person who awarded it to you, and then award it to other lovely blogs, and link to them as well.

So here goes with some of the loveliest blogs I regularly read ...not all of them postcard collectors' blogs!

Expect the Unexpected
Untouched photos of what is splendid, beautiful, unexpected, or unusual by Beth Niquette.

Sicilia Through Images
American photographer Heather Jacks currently lives on the beautiful island of Sicily and shares her photographs of the place.

Old Paper Art
Dave Dubé's art on envelopes - fascinating and beautiful!


Beth Niquette said…
I am VERY honored! I keep blog awards in a special file right now, because danged if my computer force field won't let me use widgets. (sigh) I am getting the problem fixed in the new year--as soon as I can I'll be putting it up! And thnk you!
MrCachet said…
I am in the same force field that Beth is in... I CANNOT figure out how to use a widget or I'd have done it a long time ago. A huge THANKS for the honor, but I wish I knew how to reciprocate!
Heather Jacks said…
Thank you so much Deborah! This is my first blog award....and a wonderful surprise on a Monday morning! I have successfully placed the widget on my site, along with a link to your lovely blog. Happy New Year!