Thursday, December 31, 2009

French New Year's Greeting Card - Bonne année - 1917

I always find any postcard printed during the Golden Age of postcard production in France in the early decades of the last century absolutely irresistible! This hand-tinted real photograph postcard issued by French printers Suzy is in superb condition. Compared to some of the more garish colours that came out of the studios of the numerous Parisian postcard publishers right through the 1920s this is a rather tasteful affair with its subtler washes, although the crimson used on the patterned tops, sock trimmings and flowers is a dazzling hint of what those hand-colourist would be capable of in the future!

Whilst this postcard may be uncirculated, luckily for us the sender dated the Italian New Year's Greeting message - 31st December, 1917 - and also added their location - Alexandria in Egypt - a detail which inevitably piques the curiosity as once again there's a curious cross over of journeys and untold stories here in a French postcard sent from Egypt to Italy...

Happy New Year!


Christine H. said...

I agree; it's irresistible, like many of the French postcards of the era. They have wonderful clothing, adorable faces, and that magical coloring.

Christine H. said...

P.S. I am bestowing you with the One Lovely Blog award. See my blog for details.