Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rudolph Valentino and Helen d'Algy - 1926

This uncirculated real-photo Italian vintage postcard features arguably the most famous star and lasting icon of the silent film era Rudolph Valentino. In this card he is seen alongside his co-star Helen D'Algy in a scene from A Sainted Devil (or Notte Nuziale as the film was titled in Italy). Based on the novella Rope's End by Rex Beach and directed by Joseph Henabery this was Valentino's 29th movie and his final Paramount picture. He would make only three more films before dying prematurely two years later at 31.

Whilst A Sainted Devil was first released in the USA in 1924 it wasn't distributed in Italy until after the actor's death which would date this postcard to approximately 1926. It was printed by the Florence postcard company Ballerini & Frattini, who opened their doors in 1912 and are still making postcards today.

A Silent Devil is considered to be one of Valentino's lost films.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greenville, Pennsylvania - 1914

This lovely vintage postcard features a painted town view of the borough of Greenville in Mercer County, Pennsylvania entitled Bird's-Eye View of Main St. looking East.

The postcard was published by the Chicago-based Acmegraph Company, which despite a relatively brief period of activity from 1908-1918, issued an extensive range of US national view-cards. This particular view is numbered 9548. It was posted to Carson City, Michigan from Greenville on 5 January, 1914.

Greenville trivia: the town was the main residence in America of Štefan Banič - the inventor of the parachute! Source: Wikipedia