Bonnes Pȃques! Happy Easter - 1910s

This charming Easter greetings postcard was published by La Favorite , presumably in France at some point during the 1910s. The real photographic postcard has been hand tinted and was almost certainly created in one of the numerous photographic studios operating in Paris during the Golden Age of postcard production. La Favorite logo It’s a uncirculated postcard so there are no further clues – only the Happy Easter message “Bonnes Pȃques” in French and the publisher logo “La Favorite” in the bottom right hand corner together with an issue number 101. The level of detail in the painted additions is particularly fine on this card with the stock romantic couple motif reproduced in a lovely miniature on the largest Easter egg in the lower vignette. Hand tinted details on Easter eggs Check out eBay for more Easter postcards! Find more vintage postcards over at Beth's postcard blog The Best Hearts are Crunchy and join other collectors on Postcard Friendship Frid

Happy as a pig in clover! Bonne Année!

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